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Cross Country America

The Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and everything in between!

Witness the beauty, grandeur and spectacle of America in the camaraderie of a group sharing emotional and physical challenges on a scale you're unlikely to encounter again, not to mention that you'll never again be at a loss for a travel story! The itinerary often follows the "BikeCentennial" bike routes as you cycle the northern routes through the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, the plains of North Dakota and Minnesota, through beautiful rolling countryside of Wisconsin to ferry across Lake Michigan. Bring your passport! Cycling through southern Ontario will bring you to Niagara Falls. Then easterly across New York and New England before jubilantly diving into the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate your amazing accomplishment! By the time you reach Vermont and New Hampshire, those New England mountains will feel like molehills! But this trip is a physical challenge - we're talking serious cycling. More than 3,000 miles with 70-100+ mile cycling days. The Great Plains! The Continental Divide! Prairies! River valleys! Canyons! If you consider this trip you must be prepared to live with your group in basic circumstances for almost 2 months and you must have a strong bike in excellent condition. A major adventure of your lifetime - crossing the American Continent under the power of your own legs!

Dates Finishing Grades
USA-S (South)
June 28
Aug. 10
USA-N (North)
June 30
Aug. 19
USA-N (North)
June 30
Aug. 19
Current College Students

Trip Basic Cost Airfare Rental Equip New Equip Cont Fund Total
Cross Country South (USA-S) $4500 not included - $360 $75 $4860
Cross Country North (USA-N) $5100 not included - $360 $75 $5460

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