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You can reserve a place on a trip using one of the following methods:
  1. Phone SHP: Call toll free (800) 343-6132 and make a reservation with your credit card, then download the full trip application form, fill it out, and mail it in.

  2. Request a brochure and full application: Fill out the brochure request form and click the "Submit Form" button. A brochure containing the full application will then be sent to you by regular mail.

  3. Use the form below to reserve your trip online, then download the full trip application form, fill it out, and mail it in.

Reserving a place requires a payment based on the following schedule:
  1. $500 if registering before April 24. A non-refundable $50 registration fee is part of your initial payment.
  2. $750 if registering after April 23.


Send in a completed Trip Application within 2 weeks after your reservation is made. (Download and fill out the TRIP APPLICATION FORM and mail it to: Student Hosteling Program, 305 Hulmeville Avenue, Langhorne, PA 19047)

Trip Choice (choose from menu)
Student's Full Name
Grade in School
Full Name of One Parent
Business Phone
Deposit Amount $500 (before 4/24) $750 (4/23 on)

Important Information

Final Payment: Final payments, minus any credits for equipment, transportation, etc., are due based on the following schedule:

  1. If accepted on a trip before April 24, your balance is due May 1.
  2. If you sign up after April 23, your balance is due 10 days from the date of your acceptance and/or date of reservation.

SHP reserves the right to require that an overdue payment be made by credit card (plus appropriate credit card fee). We also reserve the right to cancel an application for which payment has not been received based on the above payment schedule (with appropriate penalities).

Please click here for cancellation refund policies.


There is no cut-off date for applying.

Some trips fill up earlier than others - sometimes as early as mid-January. We would suggest that you apply as early as you can if you are looking at a specific trip or have tight date requirements. However, there are usually some spaces left on some trips as late as July and August.

Choose your trip according to the grade you will be finishing before the trip, not the grade you'll be entering in the fall.

Our grade groupings are not, however, inflexible. If you feel, for example, that your 9th grade daughter is very mature and you (and she) are quite certain that she can deal successfully with students currently in the 10th grade, we will consider her for a senior high trip.

Another example would be if you have an 9th grade son who is older than the other students in his grade (he was held back or got off schedule while living abroad, etc.), he could be considered for a senior high trip where the other trippers would be his age.

However, please be sure to consider the matter carefully before making a final decision. Feel free to call and speak with one of the directors to discuss which age/grade group would be most appropriate.
Bike trips place unique demands on trippers which translate into growth as teen travellers mature to become students not of the bike or the bike camp but of the world.

A student bike trip to anywhere offers real-life rewards and involvement, builds skills, and is road tested to last a lifetime.
Questions? We'd be happy to answer them. Give us a call at
800 343-6132

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