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Cancellation Policies

After April 15, cancellation of an application must be made by telephone call to SHP so that the space can be filled as expeditiously as possible. A follow-up letter is required. An additional 10% penalty will be added if notification of cancellations is made through the mail rather than by phone call. Refunds will not be made before the appropriate trip departure date.

  1. Cancellation penalties for canceled application areas follows: For all cancellations, SHP will retain the $50 non-refundable registration fee plus
    1. $50 if cancellation is made before April 1
    2. 20% of the basic trip cost if cancellation is made between and including April 1 and May 15.
    3. 40% of the basic trip cost if cancellation is made between and including May 16 and June 15.
    4. 50% of the basic trip cost if cancellation is made between and including June 16 and the first day of the trip.
  2. If cancellation is due to verifiable illness (a note from the physician is necessary for verification), a credit for 50% of the above penalties will be applied to a future trip for the individual involved or for a family member. This credit will remain in effect for no longer than 2 years after the initial cancellation and would not be included in any refund calculation in a subsequent cancellation.
  3. If the cancellation is made due to a perception by the parent/guardian of threats from terrorism, cancellation penalties stated in paragraph 3A will apply.
  4. The cost of equipment previously mailed to the applicant will be deducted from any refund or future credit. The amount to be deducted will be the wholesale cost plus 40%. Full credit will be given if mailed equipment is returned to SHP in unused condition.
  5. The cost of any cancellation penalties from other agencies (i.e. transportation companies) and the costs of any credit card transaction fees will also be deducted from any refund.
  6. If a second cancellation takes place, no credit will be allowed towards the applicable penalties listed in A above. Credits from the earlier cancellation cannot be used to offset penalties from the second cancellation.
  7. It is understood that a parent/guardian or other responsible adult who makes any kind of reservation for a trip (including a credit card reservation by phone) is familiar with the contents of this brochure and agrees to accept the financial and other terms and conditions in this booklet.
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