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The BASIC COST of your trip includes accommodations, meals, costs for planned activities and all land transportation within the trip. Air fare within the trip itinerary (to and from Europe or the west coast, for instance) is not included in the BASIC COST of your trip but will be listed separately on the billing statement (please contact the office with any questions about current pricing or using air miles).

The starting point of your trip
A trip actually begins at the point where you take the SHP van to SHP headquarters in Conway, Massachusetts or, should you wish to drive to Conway, when you are dropped off at SHP headquarters.

Taking the SHP van to SHP headquarters from Boston or New York
SHP provides van transportation from Boston's Logan Airport, Hartford's Bradley Airport, Morristown, NJ, Langhorne, PA, and the Rye, NY, train station to the starting point of our trips at SHP headquarters in Conway, MA.

A card will be sent to you in the mailing which you'll get after you sign up. On this card you will specify your final plans for getting to SHP headquarters and getting home again from the trip ending point. Once we receive this card from you, SHP will make the arrangements to pick you up at the beginning of the trip.

SHP van schedule information
You should plan on taking the SHP van to Conway on the first day listed for your trip in the trip description. SHP vans will make daily pick-ups (coinciding with our trip departure dates) of trippers and their bikes at the pick-up points as listed below. Complete details about the exact pick-up points, dates, and times will be mailed to you in early June. If you would like to be picked up in Langhorne, please call us to arrange the details.

BOSTON, MA AREA Logan Airport 2:00 PM
NEW YORK AREA Morristown, NJ 11:15 AM
Rye, NY 1:00 PM
HARTFORD, CT AREA Bradley Airport 3:45 PM

Driving to Conway
If you're driving to Conway, plan to arrive at SHP headquarters by 4:30 PM on the first day listed for your trip in the trip description. Conway is 40 miles north of Springfield, MA and 13 miles west of Exit 24 on Interstate 91.

Flying into Boston or Hartford
You may fly into Boston's Logan Airport, Hartford's Bradley Airport, or Newark Airport. If possible, your flight should arrive at least 1 hour before the SHP van pick-up time as listed. If you're flying into Logan Airport, an SHP representative will meet you at your flight's arrival gate (if possible), or at baggage claim.

If you must use a flight that arrives at Logan Airport after 2:00 PM, or Hartford after 3:45 PM, SHP can arrange for a special pick-up. The cost for special pickup service at Logan Airport is $40; at Bradley Airport , $20.

Be sure to call SHP before buying any non-refundable air ticket.

Meeting your group at a point other than Conway If it is more convenient for you, you can meet the group at the first airport stop in the west or in Europe. If this is what you want to do, please call us to discuss the details before making your airline reservations.

The ending point of your trip - getting home
Your trip will actually end at the point listed in the trip description on this website, when your leaders are sure that your plane has actually taken off or you have been picked up by parents or relatives.

If your trip ends in Boston and you want to go on to the New York area, SHP vans provide return transportation to our New York area drop-off points (Rye and Newark Airport). The van will arrive in Rye at about 6:00 PM, and in Morristown, NJ at about 7:30 PM (depending, of course, on traffic conditions). The cost for this service is $30 to Rye and $35 to Morristown or Newark.

If your trip ends in New York and you want to go on to Boston, you might be able to return to Conway, MA with the leaders and be driven to Boston the next day. Please call us if you are interested in this option, as it depends upon our vehicle schedule. If the scheduling works out, there is a $30 charge for the service. If you need to transfer to another New York area airport, SHP can arrange for the limo transfer (cost depends upon which airports are involved). Free transportation to Hartford or Conway may be available on an SHP van: call SHP for details.

For trippers continuing on to other cities, your travel agent can arrange coordinating flights for you. Call or email us for details of the group's arrival time at the trip ending point.

Special arrangements
Please call SHP for any special beginning-of-trip or end-of-trip arrangements that you might be considering (i.e. you live on the west coast and would like to fly in a day early to take advantage of cheaper airfares; your trip ends with a van ride from Hanover, NH to Boston but you'd rather have your parents pick you up in Hanover, etc.). Ask to speak with the Director.
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