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Most of the camping and biking equipment that you will need for your trip is already included in the TOTAL TRIP COST for your trip and is either yours to keep after your trip or is a rental package that is returned to SHP at the end of the trip (the specific trip descriptions list details). BICYCLES ARE NOT INCLUDED - you can bring your own bike or rent/purchase a bike through SHP.

You can use a 10-24 speed mountain, hybrid, or touringlroad bike. Your bike should be in excellent condition, suitable for bike touring, and the correct size. If you have a hybrid or mountain bike, consider adding handlebar extenders. If you have a mountain bike, we require thinner "slick" tires more suitable for road conditions (except for our off -road trips). Information about recommended bikes, components, measuring your bike for, size, etc., will be sent to you when you apply or upon request before you apply.

If you now have a 10-24 speed bike and have questions about its suitability for a trip, call SHP. IF YOU PLAN TO BUY A NEW BIKE FOR THE TRIP, ASK US FOR OUR "BIKE BUYING GUIDE" BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR BIKE.

Specific information about getting your bike to SHP's headquarters is sent after you apply. Daily SHP busses from Boston, Hartford, and the New York area will carry you and your bike to Conway, and SHP-provided transportation will carry you and your bike back to one of those areas after the trip. All major airlines carry bikes as baggage on your plane at costs ranging from $100 to $125.

SHP offers a bike rental/purchase plan for people who don't have or cannot purchase a 10-24 speed bike of the type we require. However, we much prefer that you come with your own bike and you should NOT, for safety reasons, consider renting or purchasing a bike if you are not familiar and comfortable with the operation of a 10-24 speed mountain or hybrid bike by trip time.

Rental rates vary from $75 to $150 depending upon the length of the trip. Bike rental is not available for trips over 6 weeks (bike purchase is). Forms for renting/purchasing a bike are available upon request.

Forty-one years of experience has shown us that if left to their own devices, some trippers will use equipment totally unsuited for bicycle-camping trips, such as huge, heavy sleeping bags that are useless below 50' (by the way, you can immediately pinpoint a miserable sleeping bag if you look inside the bag and find pictures of chickens, ducks, Snow White scenes, etc.).

To minimize the frustrations and dangers resulting from using unsafe, shoddy and inappropriate equipment and the frustrations of shopping for equipment about which little is known, and to guarantee a high level of equipment quality on trips, SHP INCLUDES IN THE TOTAL TRIP COST an equipment package of excellent quality either to keep or as a returnable used rental package (trip descriptions indicate if that trip is one where you keep the equipment or rent it).

The equipment is provided to trippers at a saving over normal retail costs. If you were to buy the items on your own, you would often have to pay substantially more. Your panniers and handlebar bag will be top-of-the-line Arkel bags in high visibility colors.

If you are on a trip where you purchase and keep the equipment package, your panniers, handlebar bag and belt pouch will be mailed to you before your trip.

If your trip calls for a rental (used) equipment package, all of the equipment will be given to you when you arrive in Conway (you would need to bring your clothing in a duffel bag). NOTE: IF YOU ARE ON A TRIP WITH RENTAL EQUIPMENT, YOU STILL HAVE THE OPTION OF BUYING AND KEEPING A NEW EQUIPMENT PACKAGE.

If you already have good equipment, you can receive credits that will reduce your trip cost if your equipment meets the minimum requirements.

You must provide your own helmet, rear luggage carrier (a Blackburn 3-strut model), flashlight and batteries, raingear, wool shirt or equivalent, and essential clothing. Clothing lists and helmet requirements are sent after we receive your application.

As a service to SHP trippers, bike gloves, rain pants, rain parkas, self-inflatable ThermaRest sleeping pads, and other optional items are available through SHP at reduced prices. Download the SHP Optional Equipment Brochure.

Each group carries lightweight, waterproof 3-person and 2-person tents, cooking equipment, spare parts, bicycle repair tools, first aid kit, etc. Group equipment is returned to SHP.

Equipment Package List:

1. panniers (saddlebags)
2. front handlebar bag & rack
3. sleeping bag (camping trips)
4. dayhiker pack
5. bike water bottle & cage
6. 3 nylon web straps
7. cup, plate & cutlery
8. bike lock & cable
9. patch kit
10. belt pouch
11. bike tools
12. ensolite foam pad to use under sleeping bag (camping trips only)
13. stuff sack for the sleeping bag (hosteling trips only)
14. front panniers and rack (USA and CRC only)


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