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if you are interested in a leadership position please check out the folllowing

SHP trips have up to three leaders (usually two) - a senior leader and one or two assistant leaders. The average age of our senior leaders is about 25 (minimum age is 21). Senior leaders are typically teachers, graduate students, and college seniors. Assistant leaders are usually college sophomores and juniors. Many are former SHP trip participants.

senior leaders

Each senior leadership applicant goes through a lengthy application process and a personal interview with a director. Phone interviews are not acceptable. Leaders selected after this screening must complete one of our 5-day training courses in Massachusetts before being assigned a trip. We do not assign a first year leader to trips based solely on his or her application form. The leader's personality is the most critical element in making a trip work. Trippers should find the leader fun to be with, yet respond well when he or she enforces safety rules or discipline. Therefore, at SHP we wait until after we have been with the first year leaders for 5 days during the training course before we assign them to trips. After being with them for 5 days, we find that we can make much better judgements about which age groups and types of trips would best suit each leader. In addition, leaders receive further training for their particular trip during a 4-day preparation and orientation period just before their trip departure date. Leaders also return to SHP for 3 days after their trips end for trip evaluation and organizational work.

Our leaders are not meant to be tour guides, but each leader has extensive SHP notes and guides, based on 35 years of experience, about the area in which the group is traveling. All leaders must hold a valid Red Cross First Aid Certificate and many have water safety and advanced first aid training as well.

assistant leaders

Many SHP assistant leaders are drawn from within the program as former trippers. All assistant leaders must also have first aid training. The assistant leader positions (as well as the resident summer jobs at SHP headquarters) present an excellent opportunity for former SHP trippers to develop leadership skills and job responsibility. In fact, a tripper who receives a recommendation from his/her leader can look forward to many years of involvement with SHP, culminating in senior leadership.

The SHP trip structure provides a unique opportunity for teenagers to share the marvelous benefits of an intense group experience based upon responsibility, cooperation, and sharing. The main element in realizing the potential of a trip is outstanding leadership, and we therefore choose leaders who are the types of people who have the strength, maturity, sense of responsibility, and experiences to be the guiding figures for their groups. They provide strong direction, firm structure (based on SHP policies) and a sensitive personality around which a cohesive group can form. Our leaders are firm in matters of safety, respect for others, and the SHP rule structure but they also have the warmth, the humor, and the enthusiasm to provide a rewarding group experience.

SHP maintains close contact with leaders during their trip. Leaders are scheduled to telephone the directors at regular intervals during the trip (even from Europe). In addition, leaders are required to call SHP headquarters whenever there is illness, possible itinerary change, etc.

Several SHP staff personnel are emergency leaders who are available on a 24 hour basis to assist groups with emergencies or problems that might arise on the road. The directors are also available on a 24 hour basis.

The minimum leadership time commitment is four weeks. The salary structure for senior leaders ranges from $1040 to $2640 depending upon the length of the work period. The salary range for assistant leaders ranges from $780 to $1980.

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